Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Triangle Chess Set video

3 videos have come out of a single project. First, there's the one where I more or less reported on the project of making a 3D printing setup for children with limited mobility. Then, there's the one where I kavetched about web apps because one disappeared on me as I was awaiting delivery. Finally, there's this one, finishing the project I started in the first. Interestingly enough, that first video hasn't gotten very many views. But a little click bait and it's over 3k views in 4 days. Go figure.

This chess set was a lot of fun to model and, honestly, very easy. As I've said before, Doodle3D is a very capable program. Though in the modeling of this I discovered that bounding box method of finding the center of an object does run into some problems, which I go into in the video.

The one thing I forgot to mention in this video about modeling this chess set is that Doodle3D does not make any attempts to boolean their objects to make them water tight meshes. Multiple objects are exported stacked and intersecting. Cura can handle this sort of mesh just fine, but other slicers, including Simplify 3D, don't handle this as well. And since I'm not okay with releasing this sort of "dirty" mesh, I had to fix it in an external program before I uploaded it. So add that to my list of feature requests for Doodle3D.

You can download and print your own triangle chess set on MyMiniFactory.

I hope the underlay music doesn't offend anyone. This video felt like it was dragging on, even with a lot of my rambling cut out, and I needed something to keep it flowing. But I hope the audio is still good. This is the first video with the new mic recorded in the old location, which is the last possibility for where the interference noise was coming from. I hope people will tell me if that audio has a problem.

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