Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Useful Wall Hook 3D Print Video

I don't remember much about this video because I recorded it, like, 3 weeks ago. This was one of a bunch of videos that I cracked out in a day so I could have something to post while I got on my feet steady in my new job. In fact this is the last one. In editing I had to sweeten the sound a little bit, but besides that it was one of the videos I did less editing for. But I remember the print itself was a pain in the neck. I cover that in the video. But suffice it to say this little project took weeks for me to get to this point, and I'm still not convinced I got it "right".

However, there it is, on the wall, holding up our aprons. It works good.

You can get the model on MyMiniFactory but if you are a Patreon backer you got this file weeks ago. Back at a little higher level and you even get the Blender source.

There's another aspect of this project that I didn't touch on in the video, and that's one of safety. In my "How I stole the CLUG" post, I had my first run in with this problem. The Clug people still aren't making the STLs available, and for good reason. Imagine I'm a trust fund duche-nozzle and I print out a clug, hang my $7000 cross country bike on it, and because I made some dumb error in printing, not enough shells or wrong material or something, it fails to hold my bike up for the 3 months that I neglect it in the rain and elements, and when I do find my bike it's on the ground, burred in the leaves of fall, dinged up, with a broken LED headlight. Who do I blame for this, keeping in mind that I am a, as previously stated, duche-nozzle? Clearly the fault isn't mine, so I go after Clug. Will the courts support them? Probably. Though with money being exchanged, there's some question of expectation. But in the meanwhile they have to endure a legal battle that in the end they'd probably prefer to avoid. And that's what they're doing. By not releasing the files they're avoiding the possibility.

Does that mean that if someone downloads this wall hook, and uses it, and it breaks, and their expensive heirloom tableware, that should have never been hanging from a plastic hook, shatters into a million pieces that I'll be held liable? Possible. But since I'm giving this away it's more likely that I'm safe. Well, as safe as I can be.

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