Monday, August 28, 2017

Maybe ASA isn't that perfect

In my ASA review, which I may have forgotten to do a write up for, I praised ASA for being the best of ABS and PLA together. However, as I've really thrown myself into this stuff I can say that it's everything I had hoped. When printing bit objects with flat walls, there is some layer decontamination from shrink, as in this modification of the hammerhead Kinect grip you see above.

Maybe it was the 0.2mm layers I was printing it in. I know thinner layers have less shrink. I know I had the fan too high, but I don't have any control over that. I'm sure I'll sort it out eventually.

For this print, however, I'll just use the 3D pen to fix it up and smooth it with acetone.

So is ASA no longer worth it? Am I going back entirely on my opinion of ASA. No. Not at all. It's still better than ABS in enough ways without any of the downsides that it's well worth the extra price, and if it can come down in price by my support I'm willing to give it.

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