Saturday, June 3, 2017

Double Fidget Spinners video

I'm actually out of town on vacation as I upload this video and type this up. Will I get 2 videos out next week? Probably not. I also won't be sending out the rewards to the winners until I get back as well. But I can pick a winner.

The double spinner is oddly satisfying to use, even if it requires constant input. It's not as mindless as watching a thing spinning in your hand. But there's something comforting about the motion once you get it. My right hand can do it almost automatically, but my left hand needs a little work.

I'm getting pretty good at this one-take with elements videos. This one was almost seamless. However, I realized after recording that I forgot the zoeatrope joke at the end, so instead of doing the whole thing over again, I just recorded that part and edited them together in HitFilm. So not 100% one-take, but almost, and a pretty good video overall, I think.

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