Saturday, May 20, 2017

Where you can meet me this summer vlog

I was really on a roll with the Wednesday and Satruday uploads, and then I missed Wednesday this week. The reasons are multiple. I did record a video, but then I botched the audio. And between the new baby and everything else I have going on I just never got back into recording until... well, just now. But this gives me an opportunity to tell you about everything I have going on.

IF you want your own Anet A8 3D printer, use this link and the coupon code AADPR to get it for $159 and give a little back to support what I do:

The biggest thing I have going on is a run on my etsy store that's keeping my printers running at full tilt. I have to coordinate my videos for between prints. But feel free to make matters worse. Buy your own 3D printed game of Ur:
In the UK:

I'm teaming up with 4H for some 3D printing camps:

In August I'll have a booth at the St. George Board game Con

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