Saturday, May 27, 2017

What happens when your 3D models are stolen

Ir was exciting to catch a young designer who hit the big times early with a minor CC license violation. Robert Ihnatisin is a bright young designer who found himself in the middle of traffic when his design for the game of Ur was usurped and used without his permission. when a kickstarter, clearly trying to cash in on a quick buck, promised their backers his 3D model, even going so far as using his pictures in their campaign. (I mean they were using the British Museum's video so why not?)

Robert went through the usual range of emotions when one realizes the world is cold, dark, and cruel, but in the end he and I decided on a course of action that was both doable and fair.

Cut them off in the market.

In fact this is a good deal for everyone because the kickstarter backers were going to pay more for less (assuming these kickstareter people were basically on the "take the money and run" plan), and the creator of the product get paid.

Robert is a super nice guy and I'm happy to have met him. Because apparently I'm senator Palpatine.

Support the designers in their efforts to undercut the thieves:

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