Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More 3D Printed spinners experiments video

My first 3D printed spinner video has yielded more views than I've ever seen (though less quality comments). But was it the cute kid, or the spinner? So going with the practice of changing one variable at a time, I made video with another of my kids, but no spinners, and this video features another thumbnail promising cheap 3D printed spinners, but no cute kid. (Though in this one I decided to include some fine print in the thumbnail.

You can download and try your own here.

Part of my motivation in building the bearings in, besides being a cheapscape and not wanting to use my limited supply of really cheap bearings, but also because by making the bearing included I can save a little space in the design and made the spinner more compact. Why does that matter? I have no idea.

This series is going to have one more in it. At least. I don't want to make this a thing, but spinners really have something compelling about them.

PS. Does the music under the videos help?

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