Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kid's drawing to 3D model livestream 5

Apparently this has been sitting in my drafts folder. Sorry about that. Here is is now.

Link to GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/3DPrintingProfessor

This should be the last one in this series, as that's one model per kid now, but of course they're now presenting me with new drawings they want me to do, so I will no doubt have more of these in the future if I were inclined.

Livechat Log

IcicleTrepan​no audio 😃

gregor obreza​same here

The Beat of Music​The Audio is Not working

IcicleTrepan​ok it's working now

The Beat of Music​Ok

The Beat of Music​Work

IcicleTrepan​Moe 😃

caleb lower​I am going to finish doing the dishes and then hop back onto this stream


caleb lower​*dishes

SparkyFace5​i wish i could fly

SparkyFace5​I'm sorry, Hangouts kills my router for some reason 😞

A Pyro Design​I've always thought stuff like this is cool

SparkyFace5​hi Travis!

SparkyFace5​this is real modelling 😃 dont sell yourself short

A Pyro Design​This looks like an awesome project man

A Pyro Design​Hi tess

SparkyFace5​i love how creative your familiy is!

SparkyFace5​creativity can be used in all areas of life, it helps with problem solving and resourcefulness and in showing initiative. great skills in any professions


SparkyFace5​i said it just now 😀

SparkyFace5​math and art are not so seperate

A Pyro Design​Having a creative family is awesome.


SparkyFace5​programming requires both lateral and creative thinking

tugspacehall​it also takes creativity

caleb lower​I am back!!!

danzca6​Morning professor

SparkyFace5​hi Dan

danzca6​Hey Tessa!

danzca6​Hey we have a special guest today on the stream I see

A Pyro Design​What's up Dan

caleb lower​petg looks amazing!

danzca6​Morning Travis

caleb lower​Your kid is great, he is acting like he is holding onto the edge of the screen lol

SparkyFace5​maybe you make the flame part with no infill and the rest heavy infill so when you hold it up to the light it looks like his tail is fire?


tugspacehall​and printable:)

tugspacehall​whats he want to talk about?

SparkyFace5​quick add more chat... 😛

tugspacehall​i just don't know what to type

SparkyFace5​TheV8freak have you met any kids in your life.. they are free thinkers

Vishnu Prasad Boyanapalli​You have some really awesome design skills!!
TheV8freak was timed out by 3D Printing Professor for 300 seconds.

caleb lower​lol

tugspacehall​could be worse

caleb lower​so you can still see his messages?

caleb lower​we cannot

caleb lower​oh great he will be back

arcanum70​Someone is a good artist, great base to build on.

caleb lower​hopefully he will behave

tugspacehall​are you more to sculpting or block modeling?

Bluegrass.Multirotor​Thanks for doing this stream! This has convinced me to give Blender a second try!

caleb lower​blender is great, it just has a steep learning curve

tugspacehall​blender dose take some learning but once you start it gets easyer

SparkyFace5​Bluegrass, check out some of the older videos on this channel Joe used to do blender tutorials for 3d printing too

caleb lower​I have the minotaur right next to me right now

Bluegrass.Multirotor​Yeah, that's how I originally found this channel @SparkyFace5 . Such a great resource. Blender has always seemed so foreign to me, as I model in Fusion and SW mostly.


caleb lower​its on my instagram


SparkyFace5​im due on the 23rd 😃

SparkyFace5​or around then

danzca6​New movie called "Cheaper by the half dozen"

caleb lower​I cant post the link to the minotaur, so if you want to see it, I am @caleblowerprints on instagram

danzca6​congrats to both of you!

caleb lower​congrats!

caleb lower​lol



danzca6​prego-saurus belly

SparkyFace5​we're having a boy 😀 and we have a name ready that we will anounce when he arrives

SparkyFace5​dan yep.. i even stomp around now

caleb lower​lol

caleb lower​joe is a perfect name

caleb lower​he has no bias in this statement

SparkyFace5​my mother in law thinks Helen is a good name for a boy 😛

caleb lower​lol

caleb lower​thats great


danzca6​I have a feeling we might not see much of you online Tessa after the 23rd

SparkyFace5​i will be going a little quiet soon im sure

danzca6​Baby sleeps, mama sleeps

TheV8freak​geuse whos back back again shadys back tell a friend

danzca6​We will miss you, but so excited for you and the little one

SparkyFace5​thank you Dan:)

caleb lower​hes back joe

shane beasley​Morning guys

SparkyFace5​morning Shane

caleb lower​JOE SAID THAT

TheV8freak​aaw man

caleb lower​lol, the door is your friend

SparkyFace5​Caleb you dobber XD

TheV8freak​why does he need to shut the door

TheV8freak​ooh so make a dozen

shane beasley​Tessa you can't sleep hey? Bubba keeping you up?

SparkyFace5​i am the wrong shape for sleeping 😛

shane beasley​Lol

TheV8freak​who else believes babys get delivered by big birds

caleb lower​I have a better pic of it on instagram, I tried to post a good one on pinshape, but it has no filters

SparkyFace5​if you name him "No" life will be very confusing

shane beasley​I could imagine, not long now though

TheV8freak​ding dong

SparkyFace5​hahah yeah my bub always kicks me in the same spot..

caleb lower​your wife sounds hilarious

SparkyFace5​oh yeah thats great she will loose 6-8lb over night

danzca6​My wife lost about twice that

danzca6​more than a baby comes out of there...haha

SparkyFace5​oh yeah,, that makes sense

danzca6​my kids are big as well

shane beasley​Yea much more

shane beasley​Both my kids bare c section aswell

danzca6​I was 11 lbs when I was born...my wife was doomed...haha

SparkyFace5​i was born 8lb 1.5oz 😃 i hope my bub is a bit smaller than that XD

shane beasley​Were

caleb lower​your childern will tell her lol

SparkyFace5​i call mine bub because i haven't told anyone his name yet

3D Printed Aspie​Yo!

caleb lower​just keep it off of youtube

caleb lower​jk

danzca6​Hey Ryan!

SparkyFace5​hi Ryan 😀

3D Printed Aspie​I was 8lb 8oz

shane beasley​Shane would be an awesome name tessa

SparkyFace5​so man great names

caleb lower​I will Moe you ever

caleb lower​i remeber the moe jokes

danzca6 ​So Joe are you having a boy or girl, might have missed it

caleb lower​ it was supposed to say over not ever

3D Printed Aspie​ This would have been Soo much easier in Zbrush

danzca6​ use what you've got...hahaha

caleb lower ​Joe you should show your children some of my fidget spinner designs on istagram, I think they might like them

shane beasley ​Hey Joe, do you make these printable?

SparkyFace5 ​like Terminator... I'll be back

shane beasley​ Have you printed the others?

shane beasley​ Sorry first one of these I have watched

shane beasley​ That's awesome when your kids are interested in learning the programs you use

3D Printed Aspie ​Make like a tree and leaf. lol

3D Printed Aspie​ practice every day

danzca6​ Was that a Biff joke? hahaha

3D Printed Aspie​ You don't want to be Michelangelo though his art killed him in the end. 😞

shane beasley​ Wow what printer did you print them on? Tiny for a flashforge

caleb lower ​he used the monoprice mini

3D Printed Aspie​ Tessa was leaving

SparkyFace5​ im back

Anwar Madrigal ​what resolution on the MP mini for that print?

SparkyFace5​ lettuce leaf?

caleb lower ​I noticed moe

3D Printed Aspie​ Was an awesome Stream Man

Anwar Madrigal​ do you use the magic numbers on the mini wiki?

3D Printed Aspie ​Little Man too. 😀

Anwar Madrigal​ for layer height I mean

caleb lower ​No itoced you move moe

shane beasley ​Heat would be an issue if I printed at that size

SparkyFace5​ thanks for streaming 😀

3D Printed Aspie​ Post the link buddy I'll share it on my Twitter and other Social Media. 😀

3D Printed Aspie ​Cool Name my Son's name is Gabriel. 😀

SparkyFace5 ​book it!

3D Printing Professor​ Book it Danno!

SparkyFace5 ​thanks for chatting with me everyone 😀

3D Printing Professor ​Thanks for staying up with us.

3D Printing Professor​ Tell that wiggler to let you sleep.

SparkyFace5​ my pleasure

danzca6 ​Have a great rest of your day folks

SparkyFace5​ ciao

danzca6​ Thanks for the stream and chat

3D Printing Professor ​You guys are awesome. The wind benieth my wings.

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