Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Interview with Lou Anders video

This was an opportunity that kind of came upon me quickly. My son discovered the Thrones and Bones book series rather serendipitously. That the book had the rules for a board game in the back was a complete bonus to him, and he was immediately hooked by the idea. Being the board game affectionato I am I immediately recognized this game as a tafl variant, an asymmetrical style of game that is notoriously imbalanced. But this version of the game had a number of rules that seemed like they might address the imbalance somewhat.

My son made a paper copy to try it out, and when I tweeted about it the author, Lou Anders, responded. Then my son began work on a 3D printable version of it, after which Lou and I became best buds. When he mentioned that he just bought a Prusa I3 I realized I had an opening for an interview. My son was thrilled.

I clearly still have some technical issues to iron out. I don't know why my audio was so choppy. Hopefully I can get those trouble shot before my next video on Saturday, an interview with the guy who co-designed the Ur board I uploaded recently. It's going to be an interesting interview, and I did a writeup about why on Pateron.

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