Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3D Printing the Royal Game of Ur

I didn't intend to have two board game videos out in a row. Believe it or not I've got another board game project I'm working on in collaboration with my middle son coming soon. I think I'm gonna finally get enough project together that I can justify another run a GenCon, if I can get the scratch together. Should be a good time.

This was another video where I did it all in one take, only this time I managed to get an endcard. However, I'm not sure I managed to save myself any time. I spent so long doing retake after retake to get the one I wanted that I probably could have just shot it the way I did before. The music was too loud, there's no way I could have known that at the time, and I can't fix it afterwards. When this technique works it's gonna be great, but until then there may be some rough patched. I hope you'll all bear with me and give me the feedback to let me know if it's working.

You can download and play this version on Thingiverse:
Or you can buy a fully printed set:

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