Wednesday, May 31, 2017

3D Printing Pen Review

Get your own Tipeye 3D printing pen and support what I do through this link:

This isn't my first 3D Pen, but this is the first one I liked enough to actually review it. I tend to take Thumper's Father's advice when it comes to reviews.

One thing I forgot in the review was that a pen like this is a great way to use up those loose ends of the spool when you don't have enough to do another print, but too much to justifiably throw away. Just hand all those mini spools to your kids and see what they come up with. Though I have yet to find out what to do if the filament gets so far in that you can't pull it out, I suspect you can just pull it through.

I really appreciate the Tipeye people for pressing me to check out their 3D printing pen. While I still think the name is a little hype-train, I initially got one as a tool, but after having such a good time playing with it with my family I can't help but be very impressed with it's use as a toy. I can't wait to mod this thing for wireless.

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