Saturday, April 29, 2017

How to level your build plate
Can I just say how pleased I am to have come up with a poseable robot toy that can do a reasonable approximation of the "surfs up" pose on by build plate?

This video was a direct response to someone I was teaching 3D printing. I was helping them remotely and their first print was very clearly made on a not-level build plate. So I made this video. Hopefully it helps them and hopefully it helps other people too.

Using a piece of paper to level your build plate works, but is inaccurate. By using the paper you're squishing the paper, thus throwing it off thus rendering it's repeatable accuracy suspect at best. It's a good method and cheap, but for me it's only the beginning.

The next thing I do is prep a simple test cube with a skirt modified so it runs around the print many times at nearly the edge of the build area. Then, start the print. Once it heats up and starts going monitor the print while it's happening. Make sure that skirt layer looks good as it goes down. If it's not sticking, loosen the nuts next to it to raise the build late. If it's too squished or worse causing a jam, tighten the screw in that area to lower the build plate. Keep making tiny adjustments until the skirt drawn looks perfect.

Don't forget to reset your settings afterwards.

And that's it, a level you can trust without any additional equipment. I hope this helps.

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