Wednesday, April 5, 2017

3D printing colorfabb bronzefill and brassfill chess set

Code for Scholars: J:AUJA RBMXH YOMXQH

Is there a word for accidentally making the right choice when you mean to make another? Does serendipity cover that? I was seriously gunning for bronzefill when I ordered the brassfill, but if I had I wouldn't have finished the job and would likely have just written off all fills as being garbage. But because I accidentally order bronzefill I had a good experience, and added a new filament to the ones I'm going to keep on hand.

These Dam2Dam medals are a keeper. I'm putting them in the portfolio this afternoon.

I gotta admit, I was super surprised to discover that not all *fills are alike. I mean I already know that the copperfill I tried out before wasn't really copper filled, and obviously I had wrecked a nozzle on Tungestenfill, but otherwise I had a good experience, but brassfill really is tough to get a good print out of.
Afinia "Copperfill" Steampunk robot chess set remixed from dutchmogul

Colorfabb Bronzefill and Brassfill diamond hourglass chess set by Makealot
I forgot to mention that because of the weight of it, the price of this filament is deceptively much more expensive than regular filament, so it's something to consider. For specific jobs, like the Dam2Dam medal, it's perfect and good to have on hand. But for regular and functional prints stick with the usual.

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