Saturday, March 11, 2017

My proposal for the TableTop Day 2017 trophy

Dear Wil Wheaton and the team at Tabletop,

My name is Joe Larson. These days I am building my brand as the 3D printing professor, but some years ago presented to you 3D model a trophy for TableTop, the shape of which was defined by Wil Wheaton's striking profile.

I promise, my 3D modeling skills have improved since then.

This year I would like to propose a new trophy for International TableTop Day 2017 on April 29th. This trophy will include elements from across the table top gaming world arranged in a pose reminiscent of the original Star Wars: a New Hope movie poster. It will have a Meeple in place of Luke Skywalker, holding aloft of a pencil for a lightsaber on top of a D10 (for easy FFF 3D printing, with a WarHammer 4k reminiscent mini standing in for Leia (which I find completely hilarious). Throw in a Catan tile and a few pawns and makers of my own design for C3PO and R2-D2 on the back.

I want to make this official. That is to say I hope I can have your endorsement. I plan to do the modeling on livestream on Thursday the 16th. After the modeling is complete I hope you'll give me permission to share the 3D model with the world. I am making myself available to you, and I hope to hear from you on this project of love. Love for what you do.

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