Thursday, February 2, 2017

PomPom ring live stream... almost watchable

M0nday's livestream went well. I showed off how to I modeled the PomPom ring, answered some questions, opened some mail, and generally had a good time. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this live stream a success. Technically I've overcome a lot of problems since I started live streaming, including getting the chat window up there, but there was still a problem with this one. Namely my microphone sucks. 

My plan was to take the live stream and edit just the Blender parts into a seperate video, but with this audio quality that just ain't happening.

That is only one of the major problems I have to overcome before I do this again, and I may be asking for help for that in the near future.  

1:37 Actual Start Intro
3:47 PomPom Ring Modeling Example
17:50 Chat QA
27:28 Fan Mail, additional QA
41:10 Additional QA
53:45 3D Puzzle book plug
57:00 Sign off

Who is GTRH3RO?

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