Saturday, February 18, 2017

3D modeling my kid's drawing video

As mentioned in the stream, I'm starting a goFundMe to get the equipment I need to improve my videos, so if you can, please support me.

Had a good time on the stream, and got about 25% through modeling the character. However the stream got laggier and laggier as I went on until it was, once again, just a slide show. Since my last stream I've changed to an entirely different computer, so I'm back to square one experimenting with softwares.

Rage Power or Dark Gem or Force Power is now modeled, posed, and printed. We'll be painting it and filming a follow up video. Dem arm spikes. I really love the detail my kids put into these designs and I've wanted to bring them to 3D for a while now. Next, my other son has a character named "Moe" that should be a unique challenge.

This will be the first in what will hopefully be be 3 different entries for the Pinshape character modeling contest.

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