Monday, January 16, 2017

In defense of useless 3D prints Video

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Some people wonder if 3D printing can be used to make useful 3D prints, when all that anyone seems to print are trinkets and knick-knacks. But of course an unlimited technology like 3D printing can do anything. Are so called "useless" 3d prints really a bad thing?

Prints that seem to only have aesthetic value aren't useless. They're bite-sized lessons about 3D printing. There's a reason why people with a lot of trinkets are really good at 3D printing. They've practiced. So don't berate someone for printing a Yoda or Groot. Celebrate their success.

3D printing can also do useful prints with flair. Here's just a coupld of 3D prints I've made that added aesthetic elements to useful prints:
3D printing is a limitless technology, so don't limit it, even to only useful things. Let the useless prints happen.

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