Monday, December 5, 2016

3D Printing 101 - Forward

I've decided it's time to put aside all other things and focus my energies on a big new project: 3D Printing 101. The ultimate goal of this project is a series of very small books, sold cheap, that will be the defacto standard for 3D printing education. Here's how it goes: Starting with an outline I'll record a video. Then I'll take that video and write, here on my blog, a fleshed out chapter with some real editing and proofing. Then when all the chapters for the first book are done I'll compile, format, and publish. I hope the community will support me on this and that it's not already coming too late.

I know it's bad form to publicize details about my personal life in a forum like this. Suffice it to say my life recently got... we'll say "weird". I'm honestly hoping that this project will be an answer to some of those problems. I want to be the 3D Printing Professor full time and income like this is, to me, one facet of that. I'm taking a chance that the community will support me. Am I worthy of that? I'm gonna try my best to be. I'm falling here, and I hope you all will catch me.

But I'm also hoping this will solve other people's problems and answer the questions about 3D printing in an organized fashion that can be adopted by others. Because what I really want is for others to love solving problems with 3D printing the way I do. This will really solve the problems of the future and even though the present isn't perfect (and the future won't be either) it's all we got, so let's make it the best we got.

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