Wednesday, November 2, 2016 PLA review

Video was delayed this week due to Halloween. I hope I'll get a second video out this week but I have nothing recorded at the moment, so here's hoping.

In this video I intorduce a filament grading rubric. I started this process before I found out that Tom is also grading filament, and he's naturally going about it very differently than I am. Here's the rubric with perfect score:
Like I said, it's likely nothing will ever be so high, but one day maybe. Also, with so many points spread across so many categories it's likely most filaments will be about 80%, but that also means small changes in the final grade mean big gains. Both PLA and ABS have the distinction of scoring 80% but for different reasons.
For completeness I also went back and graded the Recycled PET and Ninjaflex that I reviewed earlier.
The ninjaflex scored fairly low, but that's no surprise. As a specialty filament with specific use it's not expected to be as well rounded. However, it has a specific utility, so it's got it's place.

However, what surprised me is how high the recycled PET scored. 86% percent, higher than ABS and PLA, but without as many fudge points. And it's true, except for being able to smooth it like you can with ABS, PET is fantastic stuff. I find myself using it for thing that need to endure and be strong, but don't need to be finished like ABS, because it's just so much easier to print with. Yeah, it's stringy, but it's not real bad and easily fixed.

I'm experimenting with another roll of filament for next week's video so stay tuned.

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