Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast, 3D Printed Toys and Blender

Talk about a cosmic convergence. Well, maybe not cosmic, but still.

One of my favorite podcasts, WTFFF, did a segment about 3D puzzle toys, a topic that I have some documented knowledge of. I've interacted with Tom and Tracy online a couple of times, they're very accessible and I enjoy that. So I reached out again to say "Hey, you're talking about 3D puzzle toys and I've got this book and Blender is reaaally good for this sort of thing, and I hope you'll check out my book." (I'm not very good at the whole self promotion thing.) The podcast has also been reviewing many 3D modeling softwares, but they haven't done Blender yet. In fact in the past they've been kind of... I won't say antagonistic against Blender, but they definitely didn't have the positive opinion of it that I have. So I've been trying to gently say "Yeah, Blender isn't perfect, but you should check it out" from time to time.

In their latest episode not only did they check out Blender, but Tom's opinion of it seems quite elevated and I got a plug in as well. Tom plugged my book because of my timing, telling them about my book because of their timing of their 3D print puzzle episode and because I chose a 3D printed puzzle as a project for my book.

That's the convergence there.

If you don't already you should be listening to Tom and Tracy on the WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast. I love their content and interviews and love listening to them on my commute to work.

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