Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Should I Censor my 3D Print Video?

So here's the video I was working on last week that I didn't get done in time. It's a rather ambitious video, and maybe a little pretentious. It's a topic I've wanted to tackle for a while, but didn't know how until this situation dropped in my lap. What situation? Well, it goes like this. In my Tungsten fill video I use the Duchamp Self Supporting chess set my Thingiverse use Machina. Machina based his work on the Duchamp Made Ready chess set by Scott Kildall and Bryan Cera, which they made by analyzing photographs of a 100 year old, and very hard to come by, chess set by French artist Marcell Duchamp. The Duchamp estate issued a take down notice, and Scott and Bryan complied, but not before consider if they really needed to. They made a rather nice write up about the whole thing.

If the Duchamp estate's legal claim is legitimate that means that Scott Kildall didn't have the right to issue the Creative Commons license that gave Machina the right to make his remix with it's CC license, and I didn't have the right to download and print that model and record it in a video. Now, whether or not I had that right... that's the question. Should I consider the possibility that there's a legal risk here and what action should I take? I know what I would do, but like Michael Weinberg said, the community is going to be a major contributor to any legal decision, so I wanted to open this up to the community. And, like I said, this is a topic I've wanted to cover for a while.

If annotations aren't your thing you can take the survey here and let your voice be heard:

PS. This video also has a secret message that only 3D Scholars can decode. So if you're not already you should support me on Patreon, print out your decoder ring, and join our secret club.

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