Friday, June 24, 2016

Busy week, big news, no video

It's not that I didn't want to make a video this week. I tried, I really did. This video was ambitious, both in topic, editing, and what's it may end up meaning. Lost a whole day editing it. Even reshot some stuff, which I never do. But the final result was... icky poo to the ears. I'm going to have to either reshoot the whole thing or figure out how I can re-record all the audio, trying to match my lips. As if this video wasn't ambitious enough already.

But, alright, the video is a bust. I'll see if I can fix it for next week.

Meanwhile, big news!

are available now on Amazon. The first two are only available on Kindle right now, only print copies of the Sun Puzzle are available, which is okay because that is, by far, the most impressive project of the 3. I love them all, but honestly the sun puzzle is the one that I'd pick if I could only pick one.

Each of these books include basic information about 3D printing and setting up and using Blender, followed by a unique project, each featuring a different aspect of Blender's 3D editing capabilities. So check them out and buy one, or all 3, today.

My Patreon has received it's first reward. It's a 3D printed Decoder Ring, similar to the kind I've made before, but with a scrambled alphabet so that only people with this ring will be able to decode messages made by it, and only if they have one themselves. And since this is an exclusive to my Patreon supporters, I guess we've got the makings of a secret society now.

Because of my current situation I haven't printed this one, so I'm kinda breaking my own rule about uploading tested prints, but I'm 100% confident it will print. And I really wanted to start putting secret messages in my videos, so I decided to go with it.

So that's it. No video, but 3 new books, and a reward to my Patreon supporters.

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