Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Inserting objects into 3D prints

The topic of this video came from a recent project I did for work. They wanted some fancy camera stands, like the one I had for my camera, and I decided to whip them up. Each stand only costs about $4 in parts... plus a 3D printer and design time, but I didn't charge for those since I did most of my work on the clock.

I'm torn about sharing this design. Not because I don't want to share it or I'm afraid it'll be stolen. I just don't think it'll be useful to many people. If you don't have the same webcam and can't find the right washers then my design won't help you much, never mind that I adjusted the fits for my Rep1 which isn't known to be the most dimensionally accurate. I almost feel like sharing this design would be causing more trouble to people, not to mention my time and effort to uplaod it. But if you decide you want to make your own then let me know and I'll get to uploading.

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