Wednesday, September 9, 2015

500 Subscribers and a book!

Threw together this video to celebrate 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel and announce that I will be working on a new series of books with my publisher. These books will be shorter and cheaper than my old book and when it's done the books will be available in a compilation. Think of it as a try-before-you-buy. Details coming as they are available.

When I said "threw together" before I meant that I experienced every sort of technical problem before finally going with an upload to YouTube's upload-from-webcam service. It was not my first choice. It was, in fact, the choice I resorted to when every other option was laid in ruins. Unfortunately these technical problems are going to delay the next video, but rest assured I am hard at work to straighten them out so I can get back to making cool content.

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  1. Just watching one of your videos, I feel like I've learned so much! Looking forward to purchasing your book and following more of your videos. Clear, concise lessons that breakdown the concepts to dummies like me who are trying out home printing for the first time. Really enjoyed how you tailored your content to a beginners-level or at least explained terms or jargon as you went. Great Work!


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