Friday, August 21, 2015

Leapfrog FridgePhonics Replacement Letters

We've got one of those refrigerator toys that takes up a lot space and that the kids delight in playing with at full volume when mommy and daddy are making dinner. Our set is somewhat incomplete.

I always planned on doing this project once I had a scanner. I didn't need to, I could have just taken measurements. But it was more involved than just the shape of it, so the scanner was a good excuse. I needed to find out the combinations of switches for each letter, and make a piece for each letter to match. There were, of course, a few that I had, but figuring out the gaps were the challenge. They do progress in a logical manner once you can see it.

I made mine with a wider contact for the switches, as well as a bigger gap on the side, so that even with printing errors it'll still work in all cases, and so I didn't have to be as careful in the measuring. I also put a recess in a back for a magnet which I have several of for projects like this.

If you've got one of these toys or know someone who does you can download and print them out at:

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