Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3D printing and cosplay

I know I mentioned this before, didn't I? A while ago I did some prints for a guy making a General Zod costume. Didn't I mention that? Can't find where I mentioned that.

Anyways, by happenstance I ran across Eric Browning wearing his completed Zod costume this weekend at the Salt Lake Gaming Con. If I may say those 300 3D printed links in his belt that I printed for him are by far the weakest part of the whole thing. I found out he hasn't contacted me for more 3D printing work because after this experience he went and got his own 3D printer, which is perfect. But now I want to do more 3D printing for Cosplay stuff and I have some names to poke for jobs.

Now, as cool as 3D printing is, and the possibilities for costuming that it opens up, I have to say this kid won the con for me:
Zero. A cardboard costume of Zero from Megaman X. Wicked.
Of course there were some other great costumes like this Sheik from Zelda.
And this was possibly the cutest moment of the con.

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