Sunday, April 19, 2015

What you see ain't always what you get

I printed  the Zheng mini defender, partially to test it for Wood Wars 3D.
The print looked good.
But it fired less good. 

I think the problem was the filament I used was drooly so the delivery mechanism didn't move easily enough. However I also wasn't sure what to string it with. I used floss. And the legs broke whilepositioning them. Whatever the reason this is going to need a little more engineering, I think.

Now, I should be clear, I've always admired Zheng's work. So I have high hopes in borrowing his ideas to make something I can use in the future. Just not sure this one is it. I liked it because it seemed so simple, but maybe that's not the solution I'm looking for.


  1. I've been printing lenses with this stuff called Clear XT. It is really strong, hence the XT (extra tough) in the name. I'll give take crossbow a try while I'm purged and loaded up and post back.

    1. Crossbow works great. Scaling it up 20% is even better. If the trigger would hold I'd thicken the arms for more power. Good thing it shoots Q-tips


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