Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The last build plate I'll ever want?

At this point every build plate I have has chipped. Glad build plate are turning into a bit of a consumable for me. A better solution has got to be out there. So once again I turned to the experts on the Google groups and someone suggested a metal build plate. So I went to a local meal shop of which I know and commissioned a cut 1/8" piece of aluminum, which I then had them rough up one side with the sand blaster. I coated it with a couple layers of hairspray and tried a small print.
So far so good, but my level was of and the print such too well.

That's when I discovered lesson 1, sand blasting warps 1/8"a luminum. The plate was not level. In fact it was off by a solid 3mm in the middle. After a call to the metal shop they told me just to bend it back into shape. I'm still not sure it's completely level, but it's better. However printing on a non-level build plate I'm afraid damaged my right extruder tip so I'm down to 1 until I get the replacement.
But I did manage to print one ditto set of Wood Wars 3D on the metal build plate before the jam.

It was a little more expensive, but not much and next time I'll have to have them name sure it stays level. So while this wasn't the last-last build plate, I think I'm on to something here.

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