Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meta Chess set

Like the game itself, uploading this set to YouMagine has levels for me.
See what I did there?

But seriously, Meta Chess was designed for the same contest that won me a 3D printer. But in the two years since I never printed the whole set. Part of the reason is because when I printed half of it a while back it gave me ideas for the next iteration and I just never gave myself the time to do those changes.

Meanwhile things happened and I decided to migrate all my designs from Thingiverse to YouMagine. In the migration I took the time to do all those little updates to my designs that I've just put off. And Meta Chess is the last design to migrate (unless I missed one).
It's a long print. At first I tried printing the whole set and 8 hours later it was only 60% complete. Then the filament had a snag and it ruined the whole print. The small pieces were done. But I decided to do the big pieces in two smaller segments which worked better. Over all this kept my printer busy for 3 days.

Now to find two people crazy enough to play the game.

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