Monday, October 27, 2014

Joe's 3D Workbench is complete

Last week's video update was late, so this week's will be super early. And maybe there'll be another before the end of the week.

Maybe one day I'll have a nice camera for doing this sort of thing with. And time to edit. And interesting thumbnails. Until then you guys get blury shaky cam with a frantic me narrating.

This workbench is the culmination of months of dreaming and 3 days of hard work. Special thanks to my father-in-law for doing more than half the work on it. The walls are insulated which doesn't fix things in a garage with a huge heat-loss car-sized door, but with the enclosure hopefully it'll mean I can print in winter without moving the bot indoors. There's still little things to do, this is going to be a continual work in progress as much as anything else is, but it's serviceable now, and that's so cool.

So many cool things are going to start here.

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  1. Really nice Joe.There is nothing like having your own space.


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