Monday, October 20, 2014

Candy pumpkin carve fail

A forum post on Board Game Geek point me to the idea of passing out a board game for Halloween that uses candies for pieces. But it involved 3 pieces being one way and 1 piece being another. I thought with 3D printing I could "carve" candy pumpkins quickly and easily. So I took some measurements and made an object to stamp faces into the pumpkin candies.
The first attempt didn't take into account that the candies are very dense and they cracked when stamping and the impressions weren't very deep.
The second attempt tried to make holes for the candy to escape so it would hopefully "cut" the features from the candy. Unfortunately the minimum wall thickness didn't make it a very good cut and there was as much cruft around the cut as inside them.

At this point the next step is making a tool that pressed into the candy would cut features out one at a time, but with Halloween fast approaching and other projects eating at my time it's not looking like that will happen. So I think this project is a bust for now. There's always next Halloween.

Really, I should start now on a Christmas project if I want to get the jump on that.

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