Saturday, September 27, 2014

Printin' and Playin' Pocket Dungeon Quest part 2 - Big Honkin' die

My last post is one of those that I kinda just want to leave there in hopes that more people will find it. If you haven't read it, go do that, and share it with whoever you can because it came at considerable effort and, I feel, is going to change the way I approach 3D printing in the future.

But for now, there's game projects to report on.

In Pocket Dungeon Quest part 1 I got the crazy idea that this game could fit in its own die. But would that idea hold up when actually playing the game? Second question, is PDQ fun? Short answers; no, yes. Long answers follow.

The problem with fitting a game inside is own die is you end up with a die that is heavy and unwieldy and pieces that are thin and flimsy, not a good combination on the same table. And no matter how big the dice/case is you still can't fit a rule book in there on anything bigger than microfiche. However I can probably fit a paper die inside it if I abandon the stands, or maybe I can 3D print a 3/4 size one and keep the stands.

First game, we left the dungeon pretty picked over. 
However, I can say the game itself is fun. For a younger audience loosely following the rules is possible and loads of fun can be had. But it can also be played with stricter adherence and it still delivers satisfaction. At one point the warrior ran against the boss and just steamrolled through them rolling sword after sword. Another time the boss was encountered one of the players used a bomb they had to fight one of the henchmen, but strictly in the rules, but satisfying to say, "I'll allow it." Those are the sorts of moments I play for.

I don't think it's a particularly deep game, but it's quick and painless. Theres very little apparent strategy besides working from the edges in and picking when you'll turn two vs three tiles over. But it's fun like a game should be and that's what counts. Perhaps I'll revisit this in a few months to report if we've ever played it again after this initial impression. But it was fun to play last night.

I feel like a card with spaces for player image, heart tokens, inventory, spells and money to keep track of things would be a great edition to the boxed version of this game. Obviously it won't fit in a dice at all that way, but it would help keep everyone honest.

If you'd like to try the oversized dice box out yourself you can download it on pinshape.


  1. Joe, one thing that you could do is generate a QR code (that sends you to a PDF of the rules) and stick it under the lid.

    This way you would technically have the rules in the box without them being technically in the box :)

    1. That... is kinda brilliant.

      Of course 3D printed QR codes don't really work very well, but a piece of paper glued on would work well. I like it.


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