Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Printin' and Playin' Pocket Dungeon Quest part 1 - Coolest dice/box ever

I'll admit that I backed Pocket Dungeon Quest because it nailed all the right buzzwords for me. "Roguelike", "cooperative", cheap "print and play option". Sign me up for that print and play option right there.

So when I got my pdf of the the game I printed it at my local print shop, cut out the pieces, and folded me a dice. I even printed some pawn stands. Then I printed them again at 75% original size because at original size they were too big and too loose. Then I organized everything for a photo op.
When I looked at all the parts stacked next to the die like this I thought that squished down a bit the board tiles could almost fit inside the die used for the game (obviously not the case with the production version, but stick with me here). Wouldn't that be something? A perhaps slightly over sized die that held all the pieces to play the game that could then be rolled to play the game?
So I took an hour and whipped up the first iteration of a dice/box. I planned to have a friction fit, but I made it too loose and it was a little too small for all the parts. Would have been fine if I hadn't used the pawn stands, but I did so it needed to be bigger. For the second iteration I attempted to put two squeeze latches on it, never made squeeze latches before, and I made them too loose again. Note to self, squeeze latches can actually have negative tolerances, and that's okay because it needs to hold the lid closed. For the third one I made only one latch and pegs for the other side to hold it in place, and got the tolerances right. This time the lid will stay on, even when you roll it
And everything fits inside. A little snugly but who needs air? Now all that's left to do is add some paint and play the game. I've held off playing it for a couple of reasons, one of which is that the rules were still in flux a little, but they seem to have settled down now. The rules won't fit in the die so I'm going to have the rules on my e-reader while I play, and why not? It's never been done before to my knowledge, but it's revolutionary in it's own way. So part 2 will be how it plays.

And yes, I'll get to part 2 of the Livestock uprising post when I play it with a slightly more mature group. All I can say right now is it's not a kids game.

EDIT: Decided to try this one out as a premium model for a little bit and see if there's any demand for it. You can download it on PinShape.

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