Monday, September 22, 2014

Pocket Imperium Part 1. Huh, that worked

Sorry for the relative silence the past few weeks. I've had things I'm working on, but nothing in a finished, reportable state. I've also been having troubles with my printer (as usual) and I'm waiting until I fix them to report on that. However I'm getting a cascade of projects finishing up all at once, so this week expect at least two other post about 3D printing and tabletop games.

Today's post is about Pocket Imperium. After my success with the Coin Age hard case I stumbled upon Pocket Imperium and thought that I could do something similar with it, only this time the top of the case would be a score tracker, and the drawer would hold the ship tokens. 48 ship tokens in a drawer of that size, though, they would have to be really tiny. I decided, also, that each of the 3 races should be unique. And since I knew they were going to be tiny I just figured I'd make them low poly as well, since detail that that scale was probably not going to be a thing.

Still, there was no way they were going to print. I mean I know my tolerances, and these were all within them. But that's just too tiny. No way it was going to succeed.
Huh. Well what do you know? I might be able to fit 48 of them into a little pocket drawer.
And I'm not too disappointed in how they turned out either. So now, i guess, all that's left is to print out 16 each in 3 different colors and see if they fit in a drawer, and if they do I've got a pocket hard case for another game. Which is cool.

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