Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Take pictures of art in your area, get prints of the art

MyMiniFactory.com has appears on my radar a few times before. They've got an interesting business model with a team of 3D artists working to populate their site. I'm not sure if it's sustainable, but it seems to be doing okay for now.

They're running a.. promotion? Contest? Not really sure what it is. But if you take a bunch of pictures of art in your area they'll turn them into 3D models ready for print. Not really sure if they're using software like Agisoft or if they're employing their legon of artists. I hope it's the later because I've had bad luck with this sort of thing in the past.

I happen to live near a place that calls itself "Art City" so maybe I'll take the family for an outing this weekend and participate. If they can have better luck than I did, why not?

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