Thursday, July 10, 2014

More playing with the color changing filament

So after discovering that color changing filament does, as advertised, change color, I had 2 projects drop in my lap. My wife suggested a ring with some depth to it so that maybe if your hands were warm enough and it was cold out enough, or visa versa, your ring could be all multi-colored.
So she and I pulled out some paper, made some sketches, and this ring kind of fell out of it. And I tried printing it. And despite my assertion that supports suck I decided to not worry about designing this ring to print supportless and just risk it. 15 attempted prints and 4 iterations later I finally got one that kind of worked. Still more iterations coming.
I also designed another version of this ring that was less open. It looks good but it hasn't printed any more successfully.
More on the rings coming, but I can confirm that the color changing filament does smooth in acetone, same as any other ABS.

Then a coworker suggested a peace pendant that could change color when you wear it. But peace pendants are boring. So I designed a knotted peace symbol and made a pendant out of it.
I kinda like it. I'm going to print another version of this before taking a picture and uploading it to YouMagine, so there's something else to look forward to. The knotted peace pendant bauble is now available on YouMagine!

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