Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to support a ring

In modeling and iterating the rose ring for my wife I made a lot of mistakes and I thought I'd enumerate the lessons I learned about making ring without regards to the YHT rule.

  • Increasing the support angle to 45 degrees is mandatory for ABS. 
  • Tilting the ring 30 degrees will prevent the supports holding the top up from passing through the band on the bottom, but isn't angled enough to put supports on the top details.
  • Acetone smoothing rings is difficult. Suspending the ring from a rope will reduce contact, but don't over smooth since the vapor will want to condense on whatever is hanging down. Ruined one ring that way.
  • Shapeways has changed recently. They've lowered the price of their plastics, but make it harder to say "just pay me X whenever someone buys one." I think I like Pinshape better right now. Just say how much I want to make and they do the marking up for me.
I feel fairly confident that I can reproduce positive results from this sort of thing pretty reliably now.

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