Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New vapor smoothing pot

I got a new steamer pot specifically to use for vapor smoothing. It's large which means that it will allow me to smooth more things without worrying about things. However it uses a much greater splash of acetone every time to fill it's volume, which had me checking acetone's toxicity report. Apparently I'm safe.

Do not turn the pan on any higher than warm. Acetone doesn't take much to vaporize.

It smooths the parts good, but it has a number of hangups. For one, it the basket seems to have a very thin coating on it that is coming up with the parts, sticking to the soft, melted bottoms. Hopefully this will stop after a while. In the meanwhile I just stand it off and apply acetone with a cloth to smooth the sanded area. The other problem is it seems like the acetone disappears the moment I open the lid. Which means I need to add another splash of acetone if it didn't do the job the first time.

So it's still a learning process, but it's great to have this tool.

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