Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Charles 'O Perry Chess set on YouMagine

I am slowly migrating my 3D models to YouMagine and experimenting with PinShape at the same time. I may have more to say about them in a little while. But for now my migration to YouMagine isn't just a straight copy of my 148 designs on Thingiverse. It's a thoughtful culling of old designs and obsolete iterations, as well as updating some of the designs as I go.

For instance, a new version of my Charles 'O Perry chess set is now on YouMagine that is bigger, with better tolerances, and will print more successfully on more printers.
The Perry chess set is a thing among chess collectors. Only 300 were ever made, and all of them by hand out of metal pipes. But this is the future. We don't need to bow to scarcity any more. Let's just print ourselves a cool, rare chess set.
The chess pieces nests and then connects together so it travels well. It's a neat gag.

And on a side note, the biggest complaint about YouMagine is that sharing the first 3 letters with YouTube is going to make it difficult when I start visiting one of them more and then want to visit the other.

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