Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm going to be going to GenCon

Just Game, the company that has hired me to do several 3D modes for their upcoming game "Boardcraft", will be demoing their game at GenCon on August 14-17 in Indianapolis, and I'll be there to help them. This is the first con I've ever attended, but as a guy with a book, I hope this will start a trend.
I modeled their mascot because Just Game likes to have a unique piece to make an impression and apparently it's make a great impression, but for me it's been an experiment in modeling hair. It's difficult to make hair work on a 3D printed object, but it might be possible, if you get the scale right.

Just Game and I will be giving away these little 3D printed monsters during the con. I think we have to to avoid getting slapped with a copyright infringement. So if you're going to be at GenCon or know someone who is tell them to hunt out the Just Game booth, play a round of the first commercial 3D printed tabletop game, get a cute monster, and shake hands with me if you happen to be there when I am. More details to come as they develop.

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