Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fixing the bot... by breaking it

Got a package in the mail.
I am looking over this exturder and loving it. It has, literally, every upgrade I've done to my old extruder already built in. It diverts the fans so they don't blow down. It reenforced the cables to the don't get pulled as the bot moves around. And on the other end all the wires come pre-bolted into the cutest little ends ready to plug into the motherboard, all labeled and everything.
Aren't they cute? So after I unscrewed the old extruder carriage and screwed in the new one, i turned the bot over and started to plug the cables in... only to discover that there were already connectors on the motherboard.

What follows is what you should never, ever, do. But it seemed like a reasonable assumption to me at the time, seeing as there were connectors on the board that slipped off, so I assumed that these ones would too.
So I grabbed hold and yanked that thing back and forth, all the time chanting "don't break, don't break, don't break."
Turns out no matter how much you're chanting "don't break" it's gonna break if it's not meant to come off like that. Snapped two pins clean off.

The correct move would have been to unscrew the cables from the cute little connectors and screw them into the board using it's connectors.

So I turned to the google group again, and Jetguy pointed me to a replacement part I could buy at the local RadioShack, and a little soldering. Unfortunatly I discovered tonight that my local RadioShack closed, so I'll have to fix this tomorrow after getting the part at a different RadioShack, probably on my way home.

But I want it fixed now!

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