Monday, June 30, 2014

Color changing filament and business card holders

This is called killing two birds with one stone.

I've been thinking a lot about business cards lately. For some reason I got some entirely superfluous business cards at work. And what with going to GenCon, I figured I'd better have some cards to give away there. Then, on an unrelated note, I bought a roll of Afinia's blue/yellow color changing filament. So I decided to use that filament to test a new line of customizables for my Etsy store. First let's talk about the filament:
There's a pretty stark difference between hot and cold, and your hand is usually enough to change the colors. I'm gonna make some rings and see if a few millimeters will mean we could have two tone colors (at times) with one ring. Could be a neat effect. Experiments will follow.
So in looking for a good business card holder I found a few options that were almost what I wanted. So I modified them, put my logo in relief on them, and printed them out. Once I figured that out I put the pocket holder, the pocket display, and the desk holder, with the option to put your logo on them, on Etsy. You can also download the modified card holders on YouMagine without my logo. I think I like the pocket holder the best, but I'll be keeping the desk holder around since it holds so many.

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