Friday, June 6, 2014

At least I managed to print the heart tokens

So here's the good news.
Now that I have a picture you can download the heart tokens for love letter on YouMagine.

And for the bad news. In a word AAAARRRRGH!

First of all the right extruder is still broken.

I still can't trust my left extruder so I'm doing small, then a little larger prints to hopefully scale up to my big paid jobs that are hanging over my head.

My hanging filament solution fell over... for a second time. So this clearly isn't a good idea. I'm back to hanging my filament on the back of the printer which isn't playing well with the cover that I switched to. I feel like my bot got tired of the filament being on top so now I'm back to the reach around solution.

And lastly, while I was cleaning the hairspray off one of my glass build plates it went off.
This is the second glass plate that broke. Fortunately I have several replacements. But it's getting me thinking I need to explore other options. By the way, kids, that gray goo on the plate, that's the hair spray. Nasty. And you're putting it in your hair. But don't stop, because I like having a cheap adhesion method.

And with the extruders acting up so much I'm considering replacing the whole thing. There's the flashforge option or the considerably more inclusive MBot option. Probably going with the flashforge, unless there's a very convincing reason to go with the other. Hopefully my left extruder can limp along until I can install whatever parts I decide on.

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