Monday, May 5, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta focus

I'm in the middle of a couple of things, waiting until their done before I report on them here. The right extruder is still out of commission, the replacement heater block I got doesn't fit the heater element (and Makerbot doesn't sell official heater blocks any more so I'll probably have to drill it out), I'm building a new enclosure, and I'm trying to get food safe vacuumed inserts for the Kapala's I made.

All of these topics will be covered with more detail when I actually do something about them. But I'm not right now because I really, really have to finish the Zod belt segments I'm working on. The bot is indoors because that's the only place I can control the temperature well enough that they're not popping off the build plate. This project has been ongoing for way too long. I knew it was a big project, but that's no excuse for lollygagging. My customers deserve better.

So until this job is done I'm not worrying about other projects or distractions, mostly. But when this project is done I'll have something interesting to talk about, promise.

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