Saturday, May 24, 2014

Modio, knocking one thing off my todo list

Sorry I haven't had anything cool coming off my print bed to talk about. I have a backlog of jobs from MakeXYZ and 3DHubs to fill. I promise I'll get to something cool soonish.

In the meanwhile here's some lighter news from the world of 3D printing (as opposed to yesterday's grim post), Modio is awesome. When I made my Cymon bot I realized I had designed a generic ball-and-joint system that could be extended to a Modibot-like system. So there's another job on the job stack. But even if I had done that I would not have thought to make them all monstrously textured and whatnot.

Right now it's only available for iPhings but on Twitter there's indication that other platforms are coming, and I can't wait.

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