Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What a day for a knight

Lots going on in this little model which you can download for free on CGTrader, in case you want to skip my rambling and get something cool to print.

First of all, why am I modeling a knight? Well, besides getting to practice posing a model with the skills I learned from the barbarian, I'm working on a trophy for the YouTube web series TableTop. The logo for TableTop has a pawn, a D20, and a mini suitable for RPG gaming. So I figured I could offer just the knight and maybe start a whole series of generic 3D printable minis in my own style.

Why CGTrader? I want to support sites other than Thingiverse and since I first checked out CGTrader they've taken significant steps towards being a more 3D Printer friendly repository. And they have an option to sell models. So maybe I'll try them out for a while. If they have the options that Ponoko doesn't, CGTrader may be my new favorite.

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