Thursday, January 9, 2014

Duster Ring on CubeHero

 Where to start? First off, CubeHero. Wil has put together a great little site. It's basically a combination of Thingiverse and Github, meaning it's designed to help the iterative design process. More than a few of my designs have benefited from a public exchange of information and expertise. But thingiverse made it hard to track changes and find "head", or the most advanced version of a project. CubeHero aims to change that and I intend to support it.

I've uploaded a recent project to thingiverse. The foldable knuckle duster. In it's current form it's too bulky. The joints on the side need to be fixed. It's something I'll probably get around to, eventually, if someone else doesn't do it first. If you've got any modeling talent feel encouraged to sign up for a CubeHero account, download the files, and start making changes. Maybe together something awesome can happen.

This is just the first but hopefully I can support CubeHero with other projects in the future.

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