Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm getting real tired of jams

I'm nursing a burn on the top of my left index finger that I am reminded of every time I type T, R, G, F, B, or V. And, yes, I hate myself for typing that just now. The reason I have a burnt finger tip is because my left nozzle jammed... again. In the process of unjamming it and cleaning the nozzle it produced an unusually hot blob of plastic that, like an idiot, I had to check and see if it was really hot. And, yes, I hate myself for that.

The thing is my right nozzle has been jamming a lot lately. At one point it was because the built plate was too close, but that's fixed. So now I have no idea why it's jamming, but every time it jams the machine can't detect that a jam has happened so it just digs away at the filament, cutting a little groove and gumming up the gears and I have to remove the fan and clean things up and remove the plastic. It's a pain in the neck that I'm getting real tired of.

But maybe I'm just grumpy because I've burned my finger.


  1. They have fingertip covers for hot glue guns to protect from the heat. If you think they might help while unjamming, and can't find them at the hobby stores (Next to the hot glue guns, conviently), let me know. I can ship a few over to you.

  2. That would have been a really good idea. They're basically little silicon thimbles, I assume.

    Thing is if I had the presence of mind to wear protection I would have had the presence of mind not to touch the smoking blob of plastic that fell out of the tip of that thing.


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